What the Titan Credit Union Offers

The Titan Credit Union offers the staff and students of Transcona Collegiate Institute a variety of different services, all of which can be accessed from within the school.

We provide both staff and students with deposit accounts, as well as investment services. Members can open a Plan 24 - Daily Interest Savings accounts, as well as chequing accounts. They can also choose to invest their money into term deposits from as short as 30 days, all the way up to 5 years.

We are able to provide ATM cards so that members can access their accounts from different banking machines and other credit union locations. Members can also sign up for convinient services like CU@HOME and CUbyPhone, so you can have access to your account just about anywhere.

Please look in the following tabs for more detailed information on the services we provide.

ATM Cards

Through the TCU, members can obtain personal ATM cards so that they can access money from their accounts at any time of day, on any day of the year. Upon request, an ATM card will be mailed to your home - usually within seven to ten buisness days. From there, all that is required of you is to go to either Plessis, St. Anne's, or Kildare Branch to get your PIN number activated. Students under 10 years of age will be required to bring a parent or guardian along with them.

Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking is a newly-introduced service that allows you to check the balances and activity of your accounts more conveniently than ever before. It can provide you with balances and account activity of one, or all of your accounts, within seconds; all you need is a phone capable of text-messaging and a CU@HOME account. Personal information and account/member numbers are never transmitted, and mobile accounts are easily cancelled, so you need not worry if your cellphone falls into the wrong hands.


TCU is happy to provide students with loans ranging from $5 to $50. There is certain criteria that must be met before a loan larger than $5 is provided. We encourage those students thinking about a loan to come speak to one of the representatives. It's an excellent way to start a good credit rating.

Direct Deposits

You don't have to wait by the mailbox for your federal government cheque, worry about losing it, or stand in line to cash it. Direct Deposit is safe, reliable, confidential and immune to postal service disruptions. Members may either visit the TCU or use their Member Card to access their funds.

On your next visit to TCU, request this service and we can provide you with the institution, transit and account numbers, which will allow you to have your funds automatically deposited to the correct account.

CU@HOME (Internet Banking)

CU@HOME is internet banking - at the click of a button.

With CU@HOME you can do all of your banking from home over the Internet. We use the highest forms of encryption technology currently available making this service easy and above all, safe for our members. For additional information, visit Casera Credit Union's CU@HOME Page .


With CUbyPhone, you can access your personal account information through a single phone call.

visit Casera Credit Union's website for more information.