Greetings from the TCU, we are glad you stopped by the site. Here you will find all the resources you will need to start a TCU account. To get started check out the Accounts page and come on down to the TCU in the first door on the left coming to the basement from the main entrance (Room 102). Come make a transaction with one of our friendly MSR's. It's really simple.


Dodgeball Tomorrow is the Day of our Dodgeball tournament! We would like to give a huge shout out to everyone who has signed up and that will be participating. Becuase you have signed up you are entered to win the grand prize and are eligible to win one of our many other prizes, and don't forget if you come down and make a 5 dollar transaction you are entered into a draw for a chance at winning prizes each week. We will draw a ticket each week on Friday and let you know on the announcements next week to let you know who has won. If you are the lucky person to win the draw come on down the TCU to claim it!

Now Hiring The TCU is now hiring the 2019/20 year Board of Directors! We need 9 people to come down and sign up to help run the TCU. This course is valid for a Grade 12 credit and can be used on your résumé. This oppurtunity is great for job experince and allows you to make new friends. You will learn leadership skills and how to properly manage your money and a variety of other things. All you have to do to apply is come down to the TCU and get a form.

June will be Member appreciation Month and if you are an existing member of the TCU we hope you will come down. Thanks for being a member of the TCU!